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2nd Amendment More Valuable - Zod & Drea

Is The 2nd Amendment More Valued Than Human Lives? #096

Thanks to politicians scared to tackle the 2nd amendment, once again, America has awaken to another school tragedy where 17 ...
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Zod & Drea - Cultural Identity

Cultural Identity In Media And Why It Matters #095

With movies such as Coco and Black Panther coming in theaters and presenting largely cultural casts and storylines outside of ...
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the bachelor - zod & drea

Why Is “The Bachelor” Still Relevant Today? #094

Why is "The Bachelor" still on TV and why do people still watch it?  So far, there have been 22 ...
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School to Prison Pipeline - Martin Perez -Zod & Drea

Discussion About The School-To-Prison Pipeline #093

On this podcast, we welcome Martín Peréz, Jr., Vice-President of Academie del Pueblo in Phoenix, AZ to discuss the school-to-prison ...
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Significant Others - Zod & Drea

Do You Trust Significant Others In The Workplace? #092

The workplace can be confined to an intimate setting. Think about it: you're with the same people for most of ...
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Women's March Phoenix - Zod & Drea

Interviews From The 2018 Women’s March In Phoenix #091

The Women's March is a worldwide event of women and those who support them coming together in unity to fight ...
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Martin Luther King Day March - Zod & Drea

Coverage From The MLK March In Phoenix, Arizona #090

Arizona was one of 5 states who refused to recognize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a National Holiday ...
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Black Voters - Zod & Drea

Why Aren’t Black People Taken Seriously As Voters? #089

It's widely spoken in the Republican and Conservative circles regarding Black voters voting Democratic and receiving nothing for their votes ...
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SOS March to Save Our Schools

March To Save Our Schools Interviews #088

About 3,000 people attended the March to Save Our Schools in Phoenix, Arizona. The event led by the Save Our ...
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2018 Resolutions - Zod & Drea

Happy New Year! What Are Your 2018 Resolutions? #087

It's that time of year again! We popped bottles, sipped champagne, hugged loved ones and kissed our partners to ring ...
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Going Broke for Holidays - Episode 86 - Zod & Drea

Going Broke For The Holidays To Keep Your Loved Ones Interested #086

The seasonal holidays are upon us; Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and New Years among others. And of course, that means spending ...
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Is Religion More Divisive and Dangerous Than Politics? #085

There are a few things you just don't talk about at the dinner table. Two of them are religion and ...
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