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The Zod & Drea Podcast is a weekly 30 minute podcast which focuses on politics, entertainment, and relationships. Based in Phoenix, AZ, the perspectives and opinions are derived by Zod and Drea; a couple of color who use personal experience to address topics.

Zod & Drea have covered many progressive issues, rallies, and individuals through interviews and would like to continue on a strictly video (converted to audio) format. By using weekly video episodes, the podcast could reach a larger audience and get more opinions on progressive topics and varying opinions from invited guests.

If you’d like to be a supporter of The Zod & Drea Podcast, which will help cover costs of materials, advertisements, travel costs (for location shoots), and equipment for future “podcast-on-the-go kits” for hired reporters, then please give what you can and share for others to do the same.

Without your listens, we couldn’t have gotten as far as we have. With your support, we’ll go even further! Thank you!