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About Zod & Drea

Who is Zod?

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Zod aka The Zodiac is a native from New Jersey who moved out to the Southwest back in 1996 eventually landing in Phoenix.  He never met a microphone he didn’t like so his natural inclination to performing his rap skills continued from the East Coast all the way to Phoenix.  Considering this hobby was a great outlet and performing on stage was such a release, he had always considered a podcast but never took the time to carve out a recording schedule for one.  One day after a friend invited him to her friends’ surprise birthday party, Zod took a chance to meet some new people. Not aware of anyone in the house, he waited for the birthday girl after mingling and SURPRISE! “You don’t know me”.  Good thing I went because a few months later, she’d wind up my girlfriend and partner in life and eventually, the inspiration for this podcast.

Who is Drea?

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Drea aka Andrea is a native of Phoenix which makes her a super fan of sweltering heat and desert mountains. She is a frequent traveler and seeks to meet people from other backgrounds, lifestyles, political views to satisfy her never-ending curiosity for learning about what matters to people. Utilizing her curiosity lead her to start a conversation with a stranger that was invited to her surprise birthday party. Zod was that stranger and once they shared similar curiosities about people and the ways of this crazy world they became the couple you know today. The Zod and Drea Podcast is the first endeavor as a couple where they can share their experience, views, and topics that matter to them and their communities.