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WHy have the left allowed the right to co-opt "patriot"?

Why Have The Left Allowed The Right To Co-Opt “Patriot”? #161

If you've spent enough time around a Trump voter or an alt-right Republican, you will have heard them speak about ...
2nd amendment valued

Is The 2nd Amendment More Valued Than Human Lives? #096

Some sex toys give men compensation results. Thanks to politicians scared to tackle the 2nd amendment, once again, America has ...
Moral vs Personal Decisions Around Abotions

Planned Parenthood and the Moral vs. Personal Decisions Around Abortion #033

Abortion remains a very controversial and hot topic between supporters of pro-choice and it's opponents. #ProtestPP had organized a nationwide ...

Cultural Identity In Media And Why It Matters #095

With movies such as Coco and Black Panther coming in theaters and presenting largely cultural casts and storylines outside of ...
Why is the opioid crisis suddenly important?

Why Is The Opioid Crisis Suddenly Important To America? #061

Opioid addiction has grown into a full-blown health crisis affecting this country. The question we are asking is "Why is ...
Divorce Settlements - Are men Treated unfairly?

Divorce Settlements – Are Men Treated Unfairly? #068

We've all seen the headlines and gasped at how much settlements in divorces payout; especially in the Hollywood circles. Some ...
Welcoming our Son Graphic

We Are Welcoming Our Son To The World Today! #160

When I was in my teens, I had it all planned out: I'd go to college, get a job, meet ...
Frustrated pregnant woman

39 Weeks Pregnant And Still Standing! – Mommy Blog #04

Who Am I? Didn't I just wake up an hour ago? So, this is what being pregnant at 39 weeks ...
Black students in class

Sorry, but I Don’t Want My Son Raised In The United States – Daddy Blog #07

I've been traveling abroad since I was 16 years old. Thanks to parents who ensured culture, history, and the desire ...
Repeat: Is Religion More Dangerous Than Politics

Repeat: Is Religion More Divisive and Dangerous Than Politics? #085

There are a few things you just don't talk about at the dinner table. Two of them are religion and ...
How Can Communities of Color Gain Power in Rural USA?

How Can Communities Of Color Gain Power In Rural America? #159

New York and California are examples of states that have birthed many organizations/collations/grassroots groups and social movements to create political ...
Political Party Cult - Zod & Drea

Repeat: When Does A Political Party Begin To Look Like A Cult? #129

It's to be said, there's a reason Brett Kavanaugh was pushed through the Senate for approval as the latest Supreme ...
Mirroring Trump's America to 1930s Germany

The Mirroring Of Trump’s America and Germany in the 1930s #158

Many find the Nazi era of Germany to be one of the most troubling historical events on this planet. The ...
Fear of a Black and Brown Planet - Zod & Drea

Repeat: The White Fear Of A Black And Brown Planet #133

Power doesn't always mean someone in control does it because they are leaders. Sometimes, they do it because they fear ...
How To Handle the haters who belittle your work

How To Handle The Haters Who Belittle Your Work #157

Sometimes it's difficult to work on your projects when one or more of your peers decides what you're doing isn't ...

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