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I’ve been overseas many times during the cold weather in various countries. Mostly, because I don’t mind bundling up in layers and also because tickets during the winter months are a lot cheaper than spring and summer months. But how should one dress when the weather is 25ºF or lower? The weather isn’t much different within the United States and overseas but you may deal with different types of climate such as wind and humidity. 

Our trip to Paris and London was in the coldest month – January and we worried a bit about being too cold and not enjoying ourselves but instead, had an awesome time and simply bundled up. So, I’ll break down what we wore and what we bought to make sure our trip was as comfortable as possible.

Zod’s Dress Code:

I come from a four-season environment originally (New Jersey) so dressing for the cold is no problem. I knew I’d need jeans, sneakers / shoes, sweaters, shirts, hats, a coat, and gloves. One thing about hanging in Paris and London is knowing they’re fashion leaders of the world so people there are already dressed to impress. I wanted to fit in and still have my own style. Scroll below to order anything listed.

Zod sitting on a curb at Sacre Coeur in Paris
Zod walking in a tunnel in London
Collared button down shirt

Button up long-sleeved shirts worked well alone or matched with a sweater vest.

IZOD pullover

The pullover was great for active days walking around yet staying warm.

Sweater vest

I love sweater vests since they keep the chest warm but don’t restrict the arms.

tan three-quarter length trench coat

I bought a tan coat in Paris to change it up. It kept me warm below the waist.

black and grey scarf

A scarf is a must! The wind can hit your neck easily so buy one for the trip.

leather gloves

Gloves were great for outside walks and not worrying about tucking hands in pockets.

brown beanie hat

A warm cap is a must and these are stylish enough to keep warm and look good.

comfortable shoes

Comfortable shoes with gel inserts made shoes like these feel like sneakers.

grey peacoat

I brought a black peacoat from home and it helped switch up the look and stay cozy.

Drea’s Dress Code:​

I don’t get to dress up for the cold much so I jumped at the opportunity to break out the sweaters, pea coat and scarfs to walk through out London and Paris. I could stick to old standards work for the Southwest and Pacific Coast but this is Europe. I had to change it up to show my own style while keeping it simple and functional. Check out the links below to see what items I chose for this trip. 

Drea in London overseeing the Thames
Drea on the corner next to Sacre Coeur
Oversized brown sweater

A great sweaters that keeps you warm and cozy during windy days.

form fitting jeans

Perfect jeans for packing and rolling out whenever needed. Stylish and a great fit. 

knitted caps

The silk lining in side these beanies kept my hair style in place while keeping me warm.

woman's peacoat

A fantastic coat that is versatile for day shopping or an evening out to dinner. 

women's black gloves

A must have in my winter wardrobe. The removable fingers make texting easy. 

woman with green sweater with hand in pocket

I love that these comfy and warm sweaters come in a variety of colors. 

Big scarf on a woman

My favorite scarf during this trip that kept my neck and lower face protected.

form fitting black jeans with heels

Perfect travel pants that can be worn with any top or sweater and/or jacket. 

oversized turtleneck pink sweater

The sweater packs great and can be layered with a scarf or jacket for warmer weather. 

The winter time can be fickle for travelers since you never know how cold or warm it may be for the entire trip. So, it’s best to be prepared. We didn’t experience sub-zero temperatures on this trip, but who knows about the next one? It’s better to be layered and remove clothing than be stuck buying a bunch more clothes which may not fit. Enjoy your next adventure!

Zod and Drea Photo in London

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