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We’ll Be Back – Just A Short Hiatus to Parent!

Hello everyone! First off, thanks for all of your support these last few years. The Zod & Drea Podcast is a life love of ours and we’re so proud of everything we’ve accomplished. From interviewing some of the most interesting and progressive people around on topics many may seem controversial to our own dinner table-discussions we bring to you weekly.

As you’ve noticed, we’ve been posting less and less and that’s due to the birth of our son, Lorenzo, in August. As we settle into parenting, we are learning new skills together and balancing other job obligations as a family. And with the holidays in tow, you know it gets even busier! But our little guy is our top priority at the moment as we master the art of diapering, Sesame Street, and feeding schedules.

Zod & Drea - Parents!
Learning to be parents to our child – Podcast will return!

BUT…that doesn’t mean we’ve neglected the Zod & Drea Podcast! It’s just a hiatus and early 2020, we’ll be back in action with not just some great audio, BUT we’ll be moving forward with a Video Podcast format! Although, we’ve done that in the past, we’re talking studio-type sets with guests from all over. We’ve been planning and plotting the setup, times, and how to fit it all in the schedule.

Changing diapers
Figuring it all out

Now…if you want to actually SUPPORT US, we won’t turn down your sponsorship! We’ll have a tier system for those who donate to our cause and also market to those who would like to have a commercial spot in our programming – that means audio and video depending on what you pay for.

We’ll have separate areas for advertising opportunities on the website as well for those who want to take advantage of our visitors who like to listen to the previous podcasts

But if you just want to support for now, click the button below to support The Zod & Drea Podcast!

For now, now, after four months, we’ll resume our Mommy and Daddy blogs and stay connected. If you have a topic you’d like to submit or want to be a guest on the show, let us know. We always want opinion pieces on topics that fit our format. Click here to submit.

Happy Holidays and look out for our posts of previous blogs and podcasts! All episodes are listed on the site above in the menu.