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Work to be an instagram model

Why Work A 9-To-5 When You Can Be An Instagram Model? #123

Rise of the Instagram Model

So many people work their fingers to the bone for that paycheck. It’s honest work and the work ethic is passed down from generation to generation. But now, with social media and a digital wave of communication has passed postal mail or even phone calls, a rise in the Instagram model industry has boomed. So, what is this exactly?

The Kim Kardashian Effect

JoJo Babie Instagram Model
@jojo_babie posing while discussing leg day workout

It seems people with a certain amount of Instagram followers can levy that number as power to create an income. So, let’s say you’re Kim Kardashian West, the popular socialite who has amassed over 116 million followers on Instagram. She can use that power to market products on her pages and charge a fee for even promoting it. She and her siblings have created a fortune which lead to products they promote on their social media pages. Kylie Jenner is to beat Mark Zuckerberg as a younger billionaire sort-of self-made.

Despite what Mrs. West claims, her popularity wasn’t from a tv show but from her best-selling sex tape. So, sex tape = instagram followers = $$$! Ka-Ching! So, now, seeing that amount of fortune-turned-power, other Instagram models have arisen. And they’re trying to use the same method of “Sex Sells.”  Now, Instagram models such as TinyTeresaB or MeganAshli who have between 200,000 and 300,000+ followers entice them through lifestyle posts mixed with very sexy, partially nude videos and images.

Men Aren’t Exempt

redz83labs Instagram Model
@redz83labz with a product

Many men in the game are working out in their videos and using their physique to gain followers. If parlayed correctly, they can also demand money for promotions although many women and men promote their amateur pornographic materials on paid sites or premium Snapchat accounts to collect some pocket money. Strippers who use Instagram as a modeling gig often live chat in the clubs twerking or stripping just enough to not get their accounts banned…many have failed.

So, why work a 9-to-5 when you could use Instagram and your body to make money? What’s the risks, the pros and the cons? Let’s go over it and have a discussion.

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