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Should A Person’s Past Ruin Their Future Deeds? #102

We’ve seen it all before. Someone does a good deed and then you look further into their past and begin to judge them. Or maybe they’re already a horrible person and their past deeds confirm it. Either way, you’re wondering if someone can be redeemable due to their past? Many who have exited the prison system have gone on to do some really great things in their communities. Yet, considering various factors can skew recidivism rates such as education and training, many are judged for their past which causes them repeat offend.

Free to Succeed – Redemption?

How is Trump any different?

We have a resident in the White House at the moment who has made various claims of success (although they’re yet to be proven). His base claims he has been sent by God despite his past. These same people vilified Obama for his skin color and didn’t give him the God ordainment but claim Trump’s past shouldn’t affect his work in the White House. They skewered Hillary for what her husband did as president and before yet Trump is now denying several women’s claims of assault and perversion as well as porn star, Stormy Daniels. So, how does his past stack up against his future deeds?

Bill Cosby vs. Joe Arpaio

Bill Cosby in Handcuffs
Bill Cosby in handcuffs

If convicted criminal, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio can get a pardon due to cronyism in order to avoid a day in prison despite his horrific deeds, then why can’t most criminals serving time or released on good behavior have the same benefit of the doubt? Bill Cosby was America’s Dad and has donated to worthy causes his whole life. But his past has erased all of his good deeds and now he’s seen as an enemy of the state. Killer Mike has committed his recent life to voter initiatives but recently has allowed himself to be used as a pawn for the NRA which had many fans turn on him.

So, what does it take? A flawless life? Let’s discuss if there are reasons a person’s current and future good deeds could be soured by their past.

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