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Feel free to click on any of the posts below and listen in on the podcast discussions we have. They range from entertainment and traveling to relationships and politics. If you have an itch to scratch or wonder about traveling, make sure you click into our Travel section to see places and deals we offer to help you visit the world. 

50th Birthday in Puerto Vallarta

50th Birthday in Puerto Vallarta You only turn 50 years old once. To celebrate this milestone, I knew I didn't ...

Our Quick Las Vegas Getaway

Our Quick Las Vegas Getaway We live in Phoenix, AZ, so traveling to Phoenix is a hop, skip, and a ...
operators on the phone

Why Book with a Travel Agent?

Why Book with a Travel Agent? We usually book our trips ourselves just out of convenience but when you don't ...
featured image of blue piggy bank with coin

Save for Your Next Vacation

Save for Your Next Vacation You can experience your dream vacation. Here are some tips on how to save so ...
Passport photos

How to Obtain a U.S. Passport

To obtain a passport in the United States, follow these steps:Gather Required Documents: You will need to provide proof of ...
Zod and Drea in front of the Louvre in Paris

Dressing for Cold Weather Overseas

Dressing for Cold Weather Overseas I’ve been overseas many times during the cold weather in various countries. Mostly, because I ...
Duck and potatoes

Great Food Eateries Around Paris

Great Food Eateries Around Paris On our recent venture to Paris, we made sure to document some of the fine ...
New Orleans thumbnail

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary Trip to New Orleans

Zod had gone to New Orleans once before and loved it. The food, the excitement, the history... Drea had wanted ...
taking a hiatus

We’ll Be Back – Just A Short Hiatus to Parent!

Hello everyone! First off, thanks for all of your support these last few years. The Zod & Drea Podcast is ...
Trust significant others at workplace?

Do You Trust Significant Others In The Workplace? #092

The workplace can be confined to an intimate setting. Think about it: you're with the same people for most of ...
Gender roles and how they have switched

How Have Gender Roles Changed for Newer Generations? #038

Things aren't the same as in your grandparent's days. Remember seeing those old commercials on TV or in old magazines ...
Work to be an instagram model

Why Work A 9-To-5 When You Can Be An Instagram Model? #123

Rise of the Instagram Model So many people work their fingers to the bone for that paycheck. It's honest work ...
Time to End Relationship

When Is It Time To End A Relationship? #050

We know you know someone who is in a relationship that's 5 years past it's due date. It's lumpy, smells ...
Favorite TV Themes

What Are The Best TV Theme Songs You Can Remember? #082

Nostalgia sometimes kicks in when you hear a song and you remember a time, date, and place...or even an event ...
Topic with man in prison photo

Should A Person’s Past Ruin Their Future Deeds? #102

We've seen it all before. Someone does a good deed and then you look further into their past and begin ...

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